Novation Mininova | Arturia Minibrute SE | SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8


Moog Mother 32; DFAM; Subharmonicon | Make Noise 0-Coast; Strega | Roland System-1m

eurorack modular

Mutable Interments: Kinks; Marbles, Tides 2018, Plaits, Rings, Warps, Veils, Branches, Ripples, Stages; Beads; Weils 2020 | ALM: Pamela’s New Workout; Pexp-1 | Noise Engineering: Integra Solum; Numeric Repetitor; BIA; Manis Iteritas; Soleo Vero; Desmodus Versio | XAOC Devices: Batumi; Poti; Zadar | Intellijel: Plonk; Quad VCA | X1L3: Shard; Starblade | Make Noise: Maths; Wogglebug; QPAS; X-Pan; Mimeophon | Erica Synths: Pico Mscale; Pico Multi; Pico Quant; Black Stereo Mixer v3; Black 8 Multi; Fusion Plasma Drive | 4ms: Dual Looping Delay | Pittsburgh: Distro | 2HP: Tune; Kick TM; Arp; Mix | Qu-Bit: Nebulae v2 | Expert Sleepers: Disting mk4 | Strymon: AA.1 | Befaco: Mixer; Instrument Interface i2; STMix; Divkid Mutes | Hexinvertor: Mutant Brain Noire | Milky Way; Godspeed | Instruo: øchd, Arbhar, Harmonaig; Scion; Troika | Mordax: DATA | EarthQuaker Devices: Afterneath | TipTop Audio uZeus | Music Thing Modular Turing Maching; Volts; Pulses | Maneco Labs Dark Drone Machine | Joranalogue Receive 2 | Michigan Synth Works µO_C Micro Ornament & Crime | Dannysound Looping VCADSR | Industrial Music Electronics Kermit Mk3


3 x Arturia Rackbrute 6U | Moog 60HP Case

midi keys + sequencers

Make Noise 0-Ctrl | Elektron Digitakt | Arturia Keystep; Beatstep Pro | Korg SQ1 | Alesis V25; V49 | Novation Minikeys 32; LaunchControl

effects pedals + rack gear

Eventide Space | Strymon Timeline | Focusrite Pro40 | DBX 166XS; 215S | Alesis 3632 | Behringer FX2000; PX3000

mixing + misc

Behringer Xenyx X2222 USB Mixer | Yamaha HS5 Monitors | M-Audio BX5a Monitors | Audio Technica ATH-M40X Headphones | Steinberg UR22 | Akai EIE Pro | Kenton Midi Thru5 | Art Pro DTI | Behringer HD400 | Zoom H1n Recorder | IK Multimedia iRig Pro I/O | ISO Acoustics R155

personal recommendation

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