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compilation album

Ambient Modular Three

Album | 2019

ambient modular three

Really honored to have my track ‘Glint’ from the EP ‘Refractions’ selected for the community  driven compilation album ‘Ambient Modular – Three’. Just released and  available on Bandcamp. Proceeds of the album will go towards both the  production of physical copies and various charities.

Ambient Modular is a community in the truest sense. Bringing together  members from around the globe, who share a common passion for ambient  music created using modular synthesizers.

Cover – David Goodman
Mastering – Omer Haber
Thanks to – Dave Pooley, Kevin Kermack, Sietse Bruggeling,  Jean-Sébastien Monzani, Nicolas Sciarrone, Dom Graveson and Omer Haber.
Compiled by – David Goodman




EP | Est. mid 2020

Keeping with the generative modular theme, the next EP will be a follow-up to Refractions but with a more ambient minimalism and slightly darker tone.
The first track ‘fields of ice’ has been completed and is available in the playlist.

dystopia (work in progress)

Album | Est. late 2020

Dystopia is the natural successor to my first studio album Psychotropia, released back in 2012. The tracks are a mixture of experimental modular sounds mixed with melodic sequences and atmospheric soundscapes.

I wouldn’t normally make unfinished tracks available as this is formally a work-in-progress. The tracks listed here are not the final work.

The idea is to share the creative process while composing the album.